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Before Bad Bunny Would Clock In More than 13.2 million followers on instagram and
more than 32.5 Million Subscribers On YouTube million Monthly Listeners On Spotify before Bad Buddy Would Generate More than A Billion Views On YouTube making Your Man Michael Mccrudden a little Peanut Butter And Jealous before Bad Bunny Collaborated With Some of The Most Important Names In Rap Andreggaeton including Ozuna Jay Balvin Daddy Yankeenicki Minajcardi B And Drake Mahina Control Titadel Mercadobefore

Bad Bunny Was Spotted Filming

A music Video With Drake In The Streets Ofmiamibad Bunny Is A Latin Trap And Reggaeton artist Who Has Conquered The Musicindustry In Less Than Two Yearsbefore Even Releasing A Studio Albumyeahhe Made A Name For Himself Throughsocial Media And His Talent And Uniquestyle Were Noticed By The Right Peoplehe Did This All At Just  Years Oldand He’s Become One Of The Leadingvoices In The Latin Trap Movementcollaborating With Great Artists Fillingstadiums And Auditoriumsand Creating A Movement Called The Newreligion However Not Much Is Known Aboutbad Buddy Before He Was Fameso That’s Where I Come In On This What’sgoing On Guys It’s Boy Michael Mccretindocumenting The Life And Career Of Badbunny Part Of Fame Here For You Ofcourse Uh Before They’re Famousnow We Recently Dropped A Video On Jaybalvin Which You Might Want To Check Outyou Know And If You Guys Are Into Morevideos Like This Like About Spanish artists well You’re In Luck Because We Have a channel Dedicated To That all About People From Latin America Wellfrom Everywherebut With

A Focus On That You Can Check that

Out In Fact We Have A Host On Thatchannel Her Name Is Aylinand She’s Gonna Be Helping Me Out Withthis Video And Bunny Was Born Benito Antoniomartinez Ocasio On March Th  Insan Juan Puerto Rico But He Didn’t Staythere For Long And He Would Grow Up Invegabajanow His Father He Was A Truck Driver Andhis Mother A Retired School Teacherher Name Is Lesor I Give Uphey Lyd Help Me Out Lisaudi Ocasiohe Has Two Younger Brothers Visayel Andbernie Martinez Who Spokefondly Of Their Older Brother And Theysaidhe Has Taught Us To Fight For What Wewant To Follow Our Dreamsthis Is Cute Haven’t You Here That Wasnicenow From A Young Age Benito He Loved Tosing And When He Was Just Five Years Oldhe Knew He Wanted To Become A Singerthis Dream Would Continue To Grow Afterhis Parents Gave Him A Vcocalbum For Christmas And What Does V Gosee Is That How You Say It Becauseokay Cool And Uh In The Interview Whilehis Mother Saideven Since He Was Little He Loved Musiche Was Always In His Room With Hiskeyboard Writing Music Doing All Thosethingsbut We Never Imagined This His Mother Iscatholicit’s Catholic Catholici Would Take Your Children To Church Ona Regular Basis And It Would Be Therewhere Benitowould Begin To Sing Publicly Now I’mguessing He Showed Signs Of Great nessearly On Because He Was Invited To Be part Of The Children’s Choir there He Would Sing Until He Was Years Old Shortly After Leaving Thechoir While He Began To Experiment With different Styles And Vocal Tones and Would Also Write His First Few Songs it Was During This Time That He Started becoming A Fan Of Artists Like Daddyyankeeand Hector Love Hector Lavo that Guy Benito Learned The Meaning Ofhard Work Early On In His Life And Hewould Findany Way To Make His Money Make Thatdoughbaby Yeah Now This Included Cleaning computers As Well As Downloading Musicputting It On A Us band Selling It To People That’s Like Theevolution Of The Burned Cdwere You When You Were Was There Burnedcds When You Were Growing Up Yeahof Course Was There People Giving Outusbs No That Was Weirdyeah When He Was In High School He Foundways To Entertain Himself Which Includeddoing Freestyles With His Classmatesbut

There Was Something Special

 Aboutbenito And His Classmates Made Sure Heknewand He Stated People Started To Motivateme By Saying Whydon’t You Release Music Upload It Onlineupload It Hereupload It On Facebook Whatever And Isaid No No Nobut Little By Little My Mind Startedworking And I Said It’s Truei Have To Put Something In I Think Whenhe Said In He Brought He Meant Outyeah Maybe Now Benito He Began To Thinkof A Moniker And Remembered A Pitchertaken In His Childhood On Easter When Hewas Forced To Dress Up As A Rabbithe Was Not Happy With This And He Endedup Looking Annoyed

In The Pictureso People Started Calling Him Bad Bunnywell Looking Back I Guess He Has Alittle Picture To Thank For Generatinghis Stage Name And A Moniker That Wouldbe Recognized By Millions Of Fans Allover The Worldhe’s A Big Deal Right He Iswas A Student Communications At Theuniversity Of Puerto Rico He Would Startproducing His Own Musicindependently He Wrote Lyrics And Madetracks For His Songs Deciding Thatinstead Of Looking For A Recordlabel To Sign Him He Would Be Uploadinghis Songs To The Internet And Use Socialmedia And Soundcloudto Find An Audience Audience This Isyour Second Language Like You’re Doing Areally Good Job Thanksno Bad Bunny

He Was Really Surprised when His Song What Is Itthat One Well It Was Received Pretty good By The Youth Of Puerto Ricothe Kids Were Eating It Up And Aboutthat Song He Saidi Was Just Doing Music I Had No Ideathat It Would Become So Popularin  While Bad Bunny Was Stillstudying And Working In A Supermarketwell He Started Doing Small Shows In Sanjuan He Then Uploaded Videos To Himsinging To Instagramand Little Did He Know That His Hustlewould Pay Off Giving Himhis First Big Break Without Ever promoting His Songs He Caughtthe Attention Of The Yay Luyan And Mambokings Reggaeton Artists With Connectionsand A Record Label Called Hear Thismusicthey Saw Bad Buddy’s Potential When Theyrealized That He Was Doing Thisall On His Own And They Decided To Signhim To Their Labelmambo Kings And Dj Luion Yeahwell He Has Said I Think Urban Music Hasa Few Years Where A Door Opens And Sometalents Comeand This Time I Think It Was Bad Bunny’sturn To Be The Phenomenon Of Urban Musicwell Just Like That And Less Than A Yearafter Creating His First You Knowinitial Trackbad Bunny Signed His First Recordingcontract He Then Stated If It Weren’tfor Music

My Job Would Have Been Workinguntil I’m  In A Supermarket I Have Nopassion For Anything Elseshortly After Signing With Here Thismusic He Will Release The Remix For Thelist With Nyangoflo Osuna Arcangel Andand Currently The Video Has More Than Million Views On Youtube Million  Sorrynow Have You Covered Those Other Artistson Your Channel I Have Evennango Flo No Nyenga Flow I’m Missing I’mmissing That One Gotta Get To Workyeah Two No Thieves This Season Is Thatrightthat One It’s The Song That Made Himinternationally Know It Reached Thelatin Billboard Chartbut Despite Its Success Bad Bunny Hasadmitted That It’s One Of The Songs Thathas Beenwell It Was The Easiest For Him To Writehowever This Time He Decided To Takeadvantage Of His Popularity On Socialmedia To Promote The Songand After Posting Fragments Of The Trackto Instagram His Fans Reactions Were Allhe Needed To See And Knowthat This Was Going To Become Anabsolute Banger Do You Have That Wordin Spanish Banger Yeah Well Heat Yeahthat’sa Little More Practical That Same Day Hewent On To Record The Song And After just A Few Daysdj Luann

That Guyhe Would Call Him To Let Him Know Thatarchangel Wanted To Record The Remixwith Himshortly After They Filmed The Officialmusic Video Which At The Time Of Thisrecording Has More Than  Millionviews On Youtubemy God On December Th  He Wouldrelease The Songsoy Pure Soy Peyor And He Would Uploadthe Official Video To His Youtubechannelwell This Song It Instantly Went Viralso Much So That Many Youtubers Startedmaking Their Own Parodieswhich Also Reached Millions Of Views Onthe Platform On March  

Theylaunched The Video For The Songsi Tu Novio Telecasola A Collaborationwith J Baldwina Video That In Less Than A Monthreached More Than  Million Views Ohwhat’s The What’s The Most Views You’vegotten On One Video On Your Channellike Three It’s Good Now This Track Wascreated By Benito Yes Long Before Goingby Bad Bunnyand Long Before Meeting Jay Balban Butever Since Creating The Track The Onlyartist He Ever Had In Mind For It Wasjay Balvinand Uh Well He Never Imagined That Hewould Get The Opportunity To Show Himlet Alone Record It With Him It’s Like Adream Come True Kidsthis Was Also The First Trap Songnominated For A Latin Grammy Whichonly Added To The Reasons Why  Was Afantastic Year For The Artistin Fact One Of The Most Important Eventsthat Took Place Was On March Th Ofthat Yearat The Second Edition Of We The Futurefestival Where Bad Bunny Would Performon The Main Stage As One Of Theheadlining Actsin July He Would Collaborate With Beckyg In The San Majores And Just Thefollowing Month He Would Be Nominated Asrevelation Artist In Premium Tooththe Collaborations They Just Kept Oncoming In After That We’re Talkingartists Likenicki Minaj There Was Travis Scott Oncrippy Kushthe Remix As Well As The Nacho Andyandle On The Trackand Also Uh Carol G And Cuevo On Theremix For Ahora Milanawhat Would I Do Without Her And We’rejust Like Talking About A Few Of Themguys There’s Plenty Moreand When I Say Many More

I Really Mean it I’m Pretty Sure

We Could Make Like Anentire Video About All His Collabs yeah And We Can Add Smith To That List now what Yeah He Worked With Will Smith Yeah that’s Crazyon Music Yeah What The Hell Is Will smith Not Doing i Can Make A Video On That Yeah Weshould We Should Do That Yeah Let Us know If You Want Us To Do That Downbelownow There’s A Reason Everyone Wants To collaborate With Bad Bunny Because As soon As He Puts Out Any New Work everyone Eats It Up And It Becomes An instant Hit lots Of Success Coming His Way But I hasn’t Been All Good News while He Was On His World Tour When He landed In Europe He Was Greeted With news Of Hurricane Maria Which Had Just struck Puerto Ricoit Was Difficult For Benito Having To perform Knowing How Things Were In His country and He Was Constantly Thinking About His family And Friends after A Show He Wrote A Freestyle And would Upload bad Bunny

Later Stated It Came Out Ofthe Chest It Went Straight Out Of Theminda Lot Of People Liked Maria’s Freestyleimmediately It Went Viral Here In Puertorico Now After Hurricane Maria

Bad Bunny personally Distributed water Food And Generators To Help The people That Were Affectedbut When He Called His Movement Lareligion Which Translates To The New religion and To Symbolize That He Does A Gesturethatlike He Put His Sprinkles Here So This is The Way Hedoes It And When They Ask Him Why In Aninter view he Chose To Say Peace he Was Clearly Joking About That One Nowin Another Interview He Gives The Real meaning Behind The Symbolwhich Is A Shout Out To All His Fans Who support Him And Believe In The Progressthat He’s Madeit’s Also Representing The Future Ofmusic And All The Latin Artists Who Arecontinuing To Kill Itnow His Most Recent Solo Success Arewhat Are Thechampions And The Later Being Two Wordsin Portuguese That Meanlove Your Swearing Is Bang Onsorry And His Most Recent Successeswhich Translates To We Are Okay Yeahand Uh Well They’ve Reached Almost Million Views On Youtube

In Just A Few week snow Recently He Performed On The Tonight show With Jimmy Fall on And He Dedicated this Song To All The People Who Were affected By Hurricane Maria more Than   People Died On Trump Is still In Denial but You Know What but When He Has Tried To Make His Music as Real As Possible And Is Always looking To Connect With His Fans And He has Said my Mission With My Music Is That When people Listen To It However Many More years it Just Brings Them Good Memories I think That’s The Most Beautiful Thing In music and That’s Why I Love It Thanks Guys For checking Out This Video For More Videos like This Be Sure To Check Out Ayla’s channel called What Do You Call It It’s Before they Are Famous In Spanish she’s Killing It She’s Doing Really Good why Don’t You Wrap Up The Show okay So Like If You Guys Like The Video just Like give Us Uh No You Have To Say The Thing as For The Rest Of The Storyoh Do You Say That Yeah But In Sunny okay Guys So After Editing The Video I realized That My Post Was A Little Bitawkward so I Just Want To Show You Guys Why i Was Like Actually Standing On Top Of this Because Like Mike Is Super super Tall Like I Was Not Able To Be like In The Same Side To Him So this Is Why Yay Bye

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